Which Meter Should I Purchase? - Info on Sub Prepaid Meters

Basic differences between SUB PREPAIDS and MUNICIPAL PREPAID meters

  • What is impotant to know is not the make or model of the prepaid meter, but rather that the Sub Prepaid is supplied and installed by a Private company and the Municipal Prepaid meter is supplied and installed by the Municipality. 
  • The main difference between the two is the position of the prepaid meter in the electrical circuit as well as the software capabilities of the meter management systems...

So, when do I apply for a SUB METER?

You would apply for a Sub Prepaid Meter when:

  1. There is a single dwelling on a property, occupied by tenants.
  2. The second dwelling on a property is occupied by tenants.
  3. There are multiple dwellings on a property, and all of the dwellings (main and sub dwellings) are occupied by tenants. 

You should NOT apply for a Sub Prepaid Meter when:

  1. There is a single dwelling on a property, occupied by the Owner him/herself.

More to know about Sub Prepaid Meters 

The Sub meter is installed next to each unit's Distribution board and allows each unit to function individually. With Sub meter installations, the KWH-meter is not removed, so the current account stays open (preferably the account should be in the name of the Landlord, as tenants tend to move and leave unpaid bills behind). 



Advantages of a Sub Meter:

Prepaid Sub meters do not only control electricity, but enables the Investor to gain control of his/her intire property portfolio in the following ways:

  • The meter's software is designed in such a way that any Owner can access the purchase history on all his/her tenants meters - assuring peace of mind that the payouts made by Prepaid Electric is openly and honestly done.
  • Levies can be loaded onto the meter (eg. an average water consumption levy per unit).
  • Overdue rental situations - Prepaid Electric offers the Investor more control - by disabling the prepaid sub meter to prevent all further vending of electricity.
  • Debt can be collected via the prepaid sub meter.
  • The tenants receive limited access to the software
  • Vending of the sub meter can be disabled

What differentiates Prepaid Electric from other prepaid meter suppliers?

Prepaid Electric not only sells prepaid meters, but offers a total electricity account management solution that gives Investor's peace of mind.

At Prepaid Electric, we are able to:

  • Utilise our software to collect water and sanitation money via meter levies
  • Utilise our software to collect arrears / outstanding debt
  • Disable vending
  • Monitor and Polices against electricity theft
  • Allow the Owner access to the software - transperency
  • Assist Owners in protecting their investment in property
  • Fine tenants who tries to tamper or bypasses a meter   

With this option, Prepaid Electric monitors and manages the portfolio on behalf of the Owner and offers the Owner three payout options.

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