Prepaid Meter Error codes
Various meters have different error codes. Here we will try to addres the various problems.

Electricity Billing - Tiered/Step Tariff Billing
How many units should I get? Are fixed charges legal?

Electricity Billing - Time of use billing
Time of use Billing. Electricity billing using the time of day to determine electricity tariff.

Prepaid Meters and saving
Does a prepaid meter save you money?

Prepaid Tokens
Where can I purchase prepaid electricity? Does a prepaid token expire?

Prepaid Sub Metering
My tenants use too much electricity, Can I install a separate prepaid meter for my tenants?

Electricity Billing - Free Basic Electricity
What happened to my Free Electricity?

Prepaid split meter communication
Communication between the keypad and the meter.

Unipin Tokens
Unipin is a universal token linked to various Municipalities and Prepaid sub-meter vendors.

Help, I lost my prepaid card!
Do I need my card to purchase electricity?

Prepaid meter - Arrears loaded by Municipality
Is it Legal?

KWh Calculations
How do I calculate how many Kwh/units an appliance uses?

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