Prepaid Electricity Solutions


We manage Electricity, Water, Sanitation as well as Refuse Removal on behalf of owners with the use of Prepaid Meters.

We manage this in the same manner as which Estate Agents manage the rental of property.

Take charge and put the POWER back into your hands!

Prepaid Electric install and manage electricity on behalf of Investors and Owners using

Prepaid Meters



You are now able to manage:

  • Prepaid Electricity

  • Tenant Debt

  • Water & Sanitation Levies

  • Waste management charges

  • Arrears

  • Rental Collection etc.


Prepaid Electric also offers the following extra services:

  • Upgrades and Downgrades of Electricity Connections

  • Opening and Closing of Municipal Account

  • Commercial Meter Testing and Account Optimisation


Electricity theft and corruption is forcing Investors to seek alternative means of management of their tenant's electricity...

PREPAID ELECTRIC was formed to assist Investors and Managing Agents to curb this problem with the use of PREPAID SUB METERING. Our Prepaid meters are STS (Standard Transfer Specification) compliant and therefore fully approved and backed by Eskom. Our SUB METERING solution includes electricity and water and is ideal for many real-estate applications incuding Residential (buy-to-let) properties, Granny flats, Student Communes, Body Corporates, Retail and Office Parks, Property developements, Hospitality accommodation, Rental Estate agents and Sports Facilities.

The majority of Investors are not aware of the fact that Municipalities transfer unpaid tenant electricity bills to the owner's rates account.  They warrent this action by a clause (Municipal Bylaw 118) in the electricity agreement which states that it is the Owner of a property's duty to ensure that his/her tenant remains up to date regarding their electricity account.  If the Owner fails to do so, he/she becoms liable for the account.

Take charge and put the POWER back into your hands!



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