This must be more directed at issues of:

  • How do I purchase a meter?


Go to the online store, purchase the meter that you require and make payment. Complete the
registration form and click the submit button. Once we receive confirmation of payment as well
as the form, the meter will be registered and shipped to you. If you have requested installation,
the technician will give you a call to set up the appointment.



  • Where can I get Electricity?


1) UNIPIN Vouchers at any Garage
2) Easipay Vouchers from Shoprite, Checkers and Pick ’n Pay
3) Purchase Electricity from you online bank
4) Register for purchases with ZAPPER
5) Register with us to do direct EFT Transactions
6) Register with us for SMS Voucher purchases


  • How do I register a meter?


Complete our electronic online registration form, click submit and we are able to complete the


  • Why are there Admin Charges on my vending slip?


With Prepaid Sub Metering you not only purchase a prepaid meter but buy into a much larger
software platform. This platform controls the purchase process, makes tokens available from
many outlets, does accurate report keeping and auditing of every transaction, and also keeps an
entire call centre at your disposal. This process needs to be paid for and thus the admin charge.

  • How do you calculate the Electricity tariff?


The Electricity charge is calculated from your Municipal Electricity account. We take an average
tariff as calculated over a 3 Month period. This tariff is then programmed into our vending
software and attached to your meter.

  • Who must install my Prepaid Meter?


The meter must be installed by a qualified electrician. You can either use our inhouse electrician
or your own electrician. The warrantee of the meter will be voided if not installed as above.

  • How long does it take to ship my meter after purchase?


Your meter will be shipped to you within 5 working days of receiving your online purchase and
registration form.


  • How is a meter installed?


The Prepaid Meter is installed between the Municipal Meter and the Electrical Distribution
Board. We may not remove the Municipal meter from the property


  • Do I need a Municipal prepaid meter on my property before I can install a Prepaid Sub Meter?


No. A Prepaid Sub Meter can be installed on any property as long as an Electrical Distribution
Board is Present.

  • How do I contact the Call Centre?

The Call Centre can be contacted on 0861 073 289

  • My meter does not work, what must I do?


If your Prepaid Meter’s screen is on but there is no power:
1) Check your prepaid balance and purchase a token if necessary
2) If your balance is correct and you still do not have electricity, call the call centre.
If your meters screen is blank
1)Check for power outage in your area
2) If no power outage call the owner so that an electrician can check the electrical connection,

  • My Electricity token does not work, can you help me?


I can only assist you if your Prepaid Meter is managed by Prepaid Electric. If so please call the
call centre on 0861 073 289

There can still be many more questions but they must be practical .


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