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Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Basic differences between MUNICIPAL PREPAID and SUB

PREPAID meters

What is important to know is not the make or model of the prepaid meter, but rather that the Municipal Prepaid is installed by the municipality and that a Prepaid Sub meter is

supplied and installed by a Private company.  The main difference between the two is the position of the prepaid meter in the electrical circuit as well as the software capabilities of the meter management systems...

You would apply for a Municipal Prepaid Meter when:

1. There is a single dwelling on a property, which is occupied by the owner of that premises.

2. There are two dwellings on a property, of which the main dwelling is occupied by the owner.


You should NOT apply for a Municipal Prepaid Meter


1. There is a single dwelling on a property, occupied by a tenant. (See & should apply for a Sub Meter when)

2. There are two dwellings on a property which are both being occupied by different tenants. Even when combined with a Sub meter, this is not advised. The reason for this is that the

municipal prepaid meter governs the electricity of the entire property and you have placed this governance in the hands of a tenant.  

This is not advised for two main reasons:

Should Tenant-A fail to purchase electricity, the entire property is without electricity and Tenant-B is penalised. Since the municipal meter has replaced the main KWh meter for the property, the second tenant is using the electricity from the main prepaid meter as well. This usually leads to disputes between the tenants and can be completely solved with sub- meters.

More to know about Municipal Prepaid Meters

A Municipal Prepaid meter is manufactured with a specific SGC (Supplier Group Code) belonging to that particular Municipality. This SGC is linked to specific software, managed by companies like Easipay. These companies collect all monies for electricity usage during each period and pay it over to the relevant municipality at the end of each period. These meters are installed replacing the original KWh meter - the monthly electricity portion of the account will cease, as you are now a prepaid electricity user.

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